6 - The OSR Mission Statement...

Agent Orange, a chemical defoliant, is and was a weapon of war deployed by American Forces against the enemy during the Vietnam War. Over 22 and 1/2 Million Gallons were sprayed during the war and that does not take into consideration what was sprayed by hand, helicopter or by the South Vietnamese, More than 300,000 of our own servicemen and women have also been wounded and killed by AO Dioxins since the end of the war.

The Veterans Administration and the Government recognizes 43 cancers and sicknesses, including Diabetes II as Agent Orange related and Service Connected, but offer no Honors or Recognition to these Heroes. This is a grave injustice we intend to correct.

We the members of The Order of the Silver Rose believe that the people of the United States need Heroes, and we have been overlooking too many of them.

It is the Mission of this organization to recognize the Courage, Heroism, and contributions of American service personnel found to have been exposed to Agent Orange Dioxins, chemicals and biological exposures and bring it to the attention of the Veterans and civilian community in America with the presentation of the Prestigious Silver Rose Award to all whom are eligible...

Personal sacrifices have gone neglected by the very nation for whom those sacrifices were made. These Heroes who have been sickened or in far to many cases have given their lives for our Freedoms due to these Dioxins and other chemicals deserve this recognition. We intend to offer our award until the Government changes its policy on honoring these Heroes.

We have 2 primary goals, The First is to Warn Every Vietnam Veteran that a simple yearly physical with cat scans could easily save their lives or at the very least lengthen many, hopefully by one or more of these Heroes receiving a early diagnosis of their illness in time for treatment before one of these appalling cancers is found to be in a Terminal State.

Sadly so few Veterans know of these dangers from Dioxin exposure and other biological chemicals that is one reason the death toll is so high. Thank goodness for the help of the VVA National Newsletter and the VVA National Agent Orange Committee the only Veterans group in America helping us with this horrible yet simple to solve problem.

Our second and final goal is to see that every Vietnam Veteran is brought Honors and Recognition for their sacrifices, regardless of whether they are living or deceased due to these exposures. Until the day arrives that our own Government decides to Honor these victims we will continue to offer the Prestigious Silver Rose Award Gratis to all eligible Vietnam Veterans or their families.

We are only asking for Simple Justice for these Victims.

At this time we are the only group in America who is seeking to bring the Silver Rose Certificate and Medal along with Honors and Remembrances to every one of these Heroes who qualifies. We are very proud to have presented thousands gratis awards in just 4 short years. We will dissolve the Silver Rose the moment the Government finally recognizes this Injustice and recognizes the victims of Dioxin, Chemical and Biological illnesses and deaths with the awarding of the Silver Rose or a Medal of similar distinction, until then we shall continue on our Mission.

The Order of the Silver Rose Mission Statement text can be found on their website here.