5 - How To Go About "Gettng" A Silver Rose Memorial...

Some Background...

As simple as it may seem, and for the most part, in order to get your own community Silver Rose Memorial all you have to do is ask.

Our community monument (see post 3 - A Silver Rose Memorial...) was donated to the Town of Oyster Bay Bay’s Veterans Services Division (“TOBay’s VSD”) as part of our exhibit of the “Dignity Memorial® Vietnam Wall Experience™” a traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. We had a separate Silver Rose memorial ceremony during the event, with the monument now permanently installed in one of our communities’ park. To get it, all we did was ask just once. Of course, we had done our homework.

The What...

TOBay’s VSD monument (again, see post 3 - A Silver Rose Memorial...) was engraved on a standard black-granite-slant-marker, 24” x 12” x 14”. This slant-marker is more or less an off the rack headstone so not expensive. You want the black-grant as when it is carved, the carved areas appear silver. Quite apropos for a Silver Rose monument.

A Suggested How...

Advance Document Preparation – put together a set of documents that include:
1) an example of the finished monument;
2) the monument’s specifications;
3) a copy of the Order of the Silver Rose Mission Statement;
4) a Silver Rose application;
5) a copy of the Origin of the Silver Rose, and;
6) a copy of the In Memory Monument in D.C..

Be Prepared to Explain – at the least:
a) the start of the Silver Rose from inception through today;
b) how important "In Memory" is to Agent Orange victims;
c) how profound is the monument in D.C.;
d) how profound your monument will be when dedicated at your location, and;
e) how your Silver Rose monument could help save lives as more Veterans ask about the dangers from Dioxin and other biological chemical exposure, and realize that a simple yearly physical could easily save their lives.

Then – find a possible existing location, or find an upcoming event – talk to those involved with the location or event, speak to your local politicians, speak with the owner of the largest funeral home in town. In other words, just go ask – and with your ability to answer their questions, you just might find it as easy as we did, to bring to your community its own Silver Rose Memorial.