2 - The Silver Rose...

Agent Orange, a chemical defoliant, was a weapon of war deployed by American Forces during the Vietnam War. Over 22 and 1/2 million gallons were sprayed. By most accounts, and since the end of the war, over 300,000 of our veteran service personnel have been affected by AO Dioxins, with more deaths than the 58,000-plus who lost their lives during the war.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (the “VA”) recognizes over 40 cancers and sicknesses, including Diabetes II, as Agent Orange related and being “service connected.” Yet most of the Vietnam-Theatre veterans are unaware of this information.

The Order of the Silver Rose hopes to see every Vietnam Veteran exposed to AO Dioxins given the Honors and Recognition they deserve. And, until the day arrives that our own Government decides to Honor these victims, The Order of the Silver Rose will continue to offer their Silver Rose Award to all eligible Vietnam Veterans or their surviving families.

In addition to presenting The Silver Rose award, The Order of the Silver Rose hopes to inform every surviving Vietnam Veteran that a yearly physical along with certain simple tests could easily lengthen or even save their lives through an early diagnosis of potential AO Dioxins related illnesses. Further, the surviving-spouse of a veteran who died of a “service connected” illness so diagnosed by the VA could be entitled to a significant, life-time, stipend.